Proudly Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA Proudly Made in the USA

Innovation in the Lure Industry

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Our Fishing Products

Our first hand crafted Water Puppet was made in 2006 by Paul Hellmann. He was on a mission to create a lure that would move naturally under water while staying in a horizontal presentation. We have improved hooks, changed both color and patterns. Through all our changes we have one goal, supply our fishing friends with the best experience possible.


Innovation and Design

2019 will be a fantastic year with the launch of our newest product and reaching new boundaries. Our support team is constantly growing to bring you our Patented design for all of your fishing styles. Pushing, pulling, under a float, on the bottom or suspended we are designed for movement. 


Who We Are

We are a family, brought up in a time where fishing was not only fun but provided the next meal. While we have grown we have not forgot the joy of catching blue gill with a line and willow branch. Never be too busy to enjoy the moment, when you hear the "one more cast" look around and enjoy that moment, it will last a lifetime.  

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