Someday Isle Tackle LLC started off as a bobber and ice fishing tackle company. In a few short years our primary attention has shifted a little to the broader market of deep water fishing. The tackle we make consists of our own creations. We have designed and patented a jig that moves horizontally thru the water with ease. We create all our products with movement in mind to attract the fish, not just the fishermen. We first started off crafting ice fishing jigs but had discovered most of our product worked extremely well under a bobber and out fished all of our favorite jigs currently available thru local retailers. We had shared our products with friends for a number of years before deciding to create Someday Isle Tackle. Thier support and requests have been a very valuable resource for us as well as thier interest in getting our products to the retailers.

We would like to thank,

Reel Outdoors for thier product input and retail location,

Mike Oberlander and his son for computed designs from our hand crafted lures,

Woodward Industries and Quality Mold for crafting our mold masters,

A pair of wives who put up with my brother and I through out all these years,

Our father, who instilled a love for the outdoors and respect for nature that will forever run in our veins.